About Us


PAHANYA was launched online in Sri Lanka in the middle of the pandemic with left over beads and threads we found laying around  in our home. I launched the brand under my daughters first name; with a goal to keep her occupied during the lockdown away from technology and screen time. 

While the company was predominantly selling handmade items to our family and friends; it is only when we moved back home to Canada the company was established and the brand "PAHANYA" was born.

We created Pahanya to spread positivity and uplift mental wellbeing during some of the darkest times we all had to experience while uplifting the communities and Arcticians around the world.

What started off as a mom-daughter craft project turned into a lifestyle brand in less than one year with a wide range of products that ships worldwide.



Our mission has always been to uplift the mental health of our community by creating products that can spread love, positivity and awareness. PAHANYA is about making feel good products to show that everyone matters and that they are loved regardless of their race, colour or social status, while uplifting the communities and arcticians around the world.


Under our other brand - Bellybees


  • Cover of Lanka Woman Magazine

  • Women Entrepreneur of the year for Sri Lanka - International  Business Magazine

  • Entrepreneur of the Year - Western Province (Small)


  • Sri Lankan Deligate at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit- GES2017​



  • Top Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka

  • International Women CEO Award

  • Sri Lanka In Vogue Magazine Cover Story​​

The Early Years

  • Poetry Ambassador for the United States of America

  • Editors Choice Award